Commvault Education NewsFlash
  May 2016

New Advanced Infrastructure Design Course Offering

We’re pleased to announce the introduction of our Advanced Infrastructure Design course, designed to quickly take your Commvault® expertise to the next level!

Learn how to apply advanced infrastructure design concepts to get the most out of your Commvault environment. Working in a virtual infrastructure, you'll learn current Best Practices in CommCell® design, storage configuration, and application protection, helping you to optimize your Commvault environment and getting the most out of your IT investment.

Structured as an interactive design and implementation project, Advanced Infrastructure Design will take you, step-by-step, through how to optimally plan for CommServe® placement, MediaAgent scaling, deduplication engine design, snapshot implementation, and Virtual Server Agent configuration. Emphasis is placed on VM protection, for protecting virtualized applications such as Microsoft Exchange, SQL and SharePoint.

Ready to take your Commvault skills to the next level? Visit the Advanced Infrastructure Design page on the Education Advantage portal.



Commvault Introduces New Engineer Certification

Our new Commvault Engineer certification demonstrates that you've achieved advanced-level skills in designing and implementing Commvault software, culminating with successful completion of the Advanced Infrastructure Design exam. This exam validates your expertise in deploying medium- and enterprise-level CommCell environments with a special focus on storage design, virtual environment protection, and application data protection strategies.

The Commvault Engineer certification requires prior certification as a Commvault Certified Professional. To learn more, visit the Certification page on the Education Advantage portal.

To Be the Best, Learn From the Best

There’s no better way to sharpen your Commvault skill set than with advanced Commvault training. These courses and certifications, taught by Commvault experts, will help keep you on the forefront of both the technology and industry Best Practices, and help to bring additional value to your role and to your organization!

Chris Sharp
Senior Director,
Global Education Services