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We are Excited to Announce Training at Commvault GO® 2019!

Be more than ready to attend technical training at Commvault GO® 2019! This year, Education Services is offering exclusive 1-day, 2-day, and 3-day training classes preceding the conference. Classes start October 12th – 14th!

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Training and 2020 Certification Exams

Advance your potential and become Commvault certified! Ask about our new 2020 Certification and 2020 Certification Upgrade exams!

Saturday - Monday, Oct. 12 - 14, 2019

Commvault® Master Workshop (3 Days)

Exclusively for Commvault Certified Masters, this workshop provides an opportunity for deep level discussions on current and emerging technologies, design strategies, Workflow processes, Virtualization, and best practices. This 3-day session will be a free form discussion where everyone can share their experiences and expertise. Upon request, attendees can submit topics for discussions and will have an opportunity to present at this workshop.

Advanced Infrastructure Design (3 Days)

Designed for those wanting to take their Commvault knowledge to the next level, the Advanced Infrastructure Design course focuses on a deeper understanding of CommCell® design, storage configuration, and application protection in a virtual infrastructure.

NEW 2020 Engineer Certification exam is included with this course.

Sunday - Monday, Oct. 13 - 14, 2019

Commvault® Basic Admin (2 Days)

Learn essential skills for installing and configuring Commvault® software to protect data in virtual and physical infrastructures. This 2-day session provides the basic information needed to administer your Commvault environment including: CommServe® server configuration, MediaAgent design, agent deployment, storage configuration, and data security. The class is a condensed course focusing on the activities within the CommCell® Console.

Workflow Fundamentals (2 Days)

Designed to provide a basic understanding of the Commvault® Workflow engine, this course engages the learner with common workflow activities, user interactions, data flow and variables, using QCommands, error checking, and using XML input files. With hands-on labs, the learner will construct basic workflows that control and validate job activities, modify client entity settings, and log events in the event viewer and through email.

The following 1-day courses are offered on Sunday and repeated on Monday

Sunday, Monday - Oct. 13 or 14, 2019

Virtual Machine Replication – A Live Sync Deep Dive (1 Day)

Take a technical deep dive into virtual machine replication leveraging Commvault® Live Sync! The course explores virtual machine replication across datacenters (VMware®/Hyper-V®), on premises replication to the cloud (VMware to Amazon® Web Services (AWS) / Azure®) and in-cloud VM replication. Advanced Live Sync topics such as failover, failback, reverse replication, and undo failover are presented. We will then take the conceptual knowledge shared and allow for practical application with hands-on labs during class.

Troubleshooting Like a Pro (1 Day)

Before calling Commvault® Technical Support to filter out and resolve issues, get a deeper understanding of core CommCell® components, processes, and logging. This course is presented by members of the team responsible for training Commvault’s World Class Support Organization. Structured to provide an insight into troubleshooting methodologies used by Commvault Support engineers, ‘Troubleshooting Like a Pro’ will demonstrate how to quickly identify, troubleshoot, and resolve issues that may arise during the day-to-day operation of an enterprise CommCell environment. In addition, you will learn how to use some of the advanced reporting, alerting, and log analysis features to automate the monitoring of core functions to ensure optimal operation.

Commvault Command Center (1 Day)

New to Commvault® software or considering a purchase? Learn how Commvault® Software provides an efficient and effective way to manage data movement, such as backup, auxiliary copy, restore, and reporting within a CommCell® group using the new Commvault Command Center. Achieve a core understanding of Commvault’s data and information management system and learn about the new user interface in the next generation of Commvault® software.

Upgrade 2020 Certification Exam Prep (Master) (1 Day)

Exclusively for Commvault Certified Masters, the Commvault® 2020 Master Certification Exam Prep is designed to reinforce and expand the deepest level of knowledge about advanced enterprise architecture, complex troubleshooting, and comprehensive management of day-to-day tasks. This course reviews key subject areas of the 2020 Master Certification upgrade exam and the number of questions to expect in each area. Sample questions from the actual exam will be used to review, illustrate, and clarify each of the key subject areas.

NEW 2020 Master Certification Upgrade Exam will be included.