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December 2017
  Commvault® Professional Course (2018)
  Commvault® Certified Professional (2018)
  Admin Console Course
  V11 Advanced New Features Course
  Commvault® Security and Roles
  Cloud Fundamentals and Commvault® Capabilities Course


Chris Sharp, Senior Director, Commvault Global Education Services

Welcome to the latest edition of Education Connections. As always, we're covering topics that underscore our commitment to educational quality and innovation.

Chris Sharp
Senior Director,
Global Education Services


Commvault Professional Course (2018)

The Commvault Professional 5-day course provides all the information needed to get your Commvault environment up and running with optimum performance! Highlights to the most recent Version 11 service pack provides an in-depth look at CommServe server configuration and MediaAgent design, agent deployment, storage configuration, virtual data protection, hardware and software snapshots, data security, and Ransomware protection.

The Commvault Professional course is balanced between technical discussions and hands-on labs using the Education Services CVLab environment to focus on both the Admin Console and CommCell Console. Completion of this course helps you prepare for the newly launched Commvault Professional 2018 Certification. The Commvault Professional course replaces the current Core Fundamentals and Implementation and Maintenance courses.

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Commvault® Certified Professional (2018)

It’s hard to believe Commvault’s Next Generation V11 platform has been in the market over 2 years and there have been nine quarterly service packs for V11 to date.  Commvault values certification and training to evergreen your skills and is announcing Commvault Certified Professional 2018.  Newly launched at Commvault GO, this certification is now available to all customers and covers all V11 technology through SP9.  This single certification exam replaces the current V11 Core Fundamentals and Implementation and Maintenance exams.

If you have successfully completed the Core Fundamentals Certification exam and have yet to purchase the Implementation and Maintenance course or exam, you have an opportunity to update your certification to Commvault Professional 2018. Education Services will honor all purchased Core Fundamentals (CF) exams and continue to deliver Implementation and Maintenance (I&M) classes (with an updated 2018 exam) until March 31, 2018. Passing the 2018 version of the Implementation and Maintenance exam will result in 2018 Professional certification.

Note that as of April 1st all Commvault students will be advised to attend the new 5-day Commvault Professional course as their preparation for the updated Commvault Certified Professional 2018 certification exam.

Admin Console Course

Discover how easy and powerful Commvault® software is to manage using the Admin Console; a web-based, service-oriented user interface that provides a simplified way of managing on-premise and cloud infrastructures. This course takes you through the process of installing Commvault software, creating plans, defining Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and retention, and conducting day-to-day tasks in a Commvault environment. Emphasis is placed on core Commvault concepts, strategies for efficient and effective data management, along with plenty of hands-on lab time.

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If You Missed us at Commvault GO™...

Here’s a chance to enhance your knowledge by enrolling in our customized training courses offered for your convenience.

V11 Advanced New Features (2 Days)

This course focuses on feature changes including: security, indexing, deduplication, storage policies, and virtualization. Improve your skills and update your certification to the latest Version 11 Service Pack.

The V11 Advanced New Features course is for administrators and engineers who are already Professional Certified. 

Commvault Security and Roles (1 Day)

Developed exclusively for Commvault GO, this session discusses encryption options and configurations, firewall security, Ransomware detection, and Commvault’s role-based access security.

Cloud Fundamentals and Commvault Capabilities (1 Day)

Developed exclusively for Commvault GO, this session will cover fundamental Cloud capabilities from primary vendors, such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.


New Content on the Education Services YouTube™ Channel

Commvault Adds New Content to Youtube Channel

Visit our Commvault Education Services YouTube Channel and watch the updated version of Commvault® Quick Start. In this video, we feature the Admin Console; an intuitive, high-value services portal that provides a seamless approach to managing your day-to-day tasks.

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