Certification Program

Commvault's Certification Program validates expertise and advanced knowledge in topics, including Commvault Core Fundamentals, Implementation and Maintenance, Preparing for Disaster Recovery and more advanced Specialist and Master technologies. Certification is a valuable investment for both a company and the IT professional. Certified personnel can increase a company's productivity, reduce operating costs, and increase potential for personal career advancement.

Commvault's Certification Program has been re-designed to now offer Professional-level, Specialist-level and Master-level certifications. This new Program provides certification based on a career path, and enables advancement through the program based on an individual’s previous experience and desired area of focus. It also distinguishes higher-level certification from lower-level certification as a verified proof of expertise.

Key Points

  • Certification is integrated with and managed through Commvault's online registration in the Education Advantage Customer Portal.
  • Cost of certification registration is included in the associated training course.
  • Practice assessments are given in class at the end of each module.
  • Students may take the online certification exam(s) any time after completing the course.
  • Previous training course students (as validated by the registrar) can also request an opportunity to take the online assessment exam at no charge.
  • For those that feel they do not require training, an online assessment opportunity for each certification level may be purchased separately from the training course.

How to Register for an Exam

There are two easy ways to register for and take an online Commvault certification exam. Choose the scenario below that best fits your situation. For questions regarding certification, contact your regional registrar.

For technical questions regarding access to examinations or certificates, contact our application support team (EA_Apps@Commvault.com).

Commvault Certified Professional, Specialist or Master
Steps to Take

Attend class and take free online exam opportunity.

  1. Register for any class offered in our Online Course Catalogs worldwide from the Education Services page. Each instructor-led class includes a free online exam opportunity.
  2. On the start date and time of the class a link to the online exam(s) will automatically appear in your Education Advantage profile. You may start the exam(s) at any time. We highly recommend that you complete the respective class before attempting to take an exam. Each exam must be completed in a single session and only one free opportunity per exam is provided.

Purchase online exam opportunity

  1. Online exams are offered in our Online Course Catalogs worldwide from the Education Services page. Click on the catalog link for your area of the world.
  2. Click on the Certification Exams link or corresponding tab.
  3. Once you register and complete the payment process for an exam, a link to the online exam will appear in your Education Advantage profile. Detailed instructions are included in the confirmation email that is sent to you when your payment is validated.

Note: If you are paying by any payment method other than Credit Card, your registration is initially placed in an “In Progress” status. Your exam link will not become available until payment is received and your registration changed to “Confirmed” status. Confirmation should normally be received within two business days, but may take longer. Please contact your local registrar if you have not received confirmation within five business days.

Certification Levels

Commvault Certified Professional

A Commvault Certified Professional certification validates the skills required to install, configure, and administer a CommCell® environment. It proves a professional level skillset in all of the following areas:

  • CommCell Administration – user and group security, configuring administrative tasks, conducting data protection and recovery operations, and CommCell monitoring.
  • Storage Administration – deduplication configuration, disk library settings, tape library settings, media management handling, and snapshot administration.
  • CommCell Implementation – CommServe® server design, MediaAgent design and placement, indexing settings, client and agent deployment, and CommCell maintenance.

Certification status as a Commvault Certified Professional requires passing two exams: Simpana® Core Fundamentals and Implementation and Maintenance Exams.

Commvault Certified Specialist

A Commvault Certified Specialist validates advanced skills in a specific area of expertise:

  • Disaster Recovery – This exam validates expertise in risk reduction, Hot/Warm site DR architecture, high availability, planning for disaster situations, and CommCell environment rebuild procedures.
  • Virtualization – This exam validates expertise in protecting and managing virtual environments using the Simpana Virtual Server Agent, application agents, hardware snapshots, Virtualize Me and VM lifecycle policies.

Certification status as a Commvault Certified Specialist requires certification as a Commvault Certified Professional and passing one Specialist exam in the desired area of focus.

Commvault Certified Master

A Commvault Certified Master validates expert level skills in specific areas of expertise. This is the highest achievable level of certification.

Certification status as a Commvault Certified Master requires certification as both a Commvault Certified Professional and Certified Specialist, and successful completion of Master certification requirements. These Master certification requirements include attending a Master class, passing the Master exam, and receiving approval from a Certified Master.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What has changed in the Simpana® v10 Certification Program?

    The Simpana v10 certification program redesign emphasizes role based certification for Administrators, Engineers and Specialists. To achieve certification status, two or more exams must be successfully completed. Highlights of the new v10 certification program:

    • Certification of Administrator, Engineer and Support will be replaced by the Commvault Certified Professional. You will need to pass two exams, Simpana Core Fundamentals and Simpana Implementation and Maintenance to be a Commvault Certified Professional.
    • Certification status as a Specialist will require first becoming a Certified Professional and then passing a Specialist exam.

    Certification Status of a Master will require certification as a Professional, at least one Specialist exam and passing a Master exam.

  2. Must a student participate in an Instructor Led Training class or purchase eLearning modules to qualify to take an exam?

    It is strongly recommended to attend formal Commvault training, although it is not required.

  3. Can students who are certified in Administration, Engineering or Support maintain their certification statuses?

    These certification statuses retired on March 31st, 2014. The new certification statuses of Professional, Specialist and Master replace them.

  4. How difficult are the v10 certification exams?

    Question formats are designed to challenge participants and to prove competencies at various levels. Professional level certification requires participants to demonstrate strong knowledge of the Commvault Common Technology Engine, policy configuration and client/agent/subclient configuration. Specialist level certification requires participants to demonstrate advanced knowledge of specific features of the Simpana product suite including: Deduplication, IntelliSnap® Technology, Disaster Recovery and Virtualization.

  5. Do currently certified students need to re-certify for v10?

    Certification upgrade exams are available to upgrade to the new v10 certification. The upgrade path is as follows:

    • Commvault Administrator exam can upgrade by taking the Simpana Core Fundamentals exam.
    • Commvault Engineer or Support exams can upgrade by taking the Simpana Implementation and Maintenance exam.

    Students must pass both the Core Fundamentals and Implementation and Maintenance exams to be Certified under the new program.

  6. If a student upgrades a certification to v10, what is the cost to take the exams?

    Students have one free opportunity to pass the v10 equivalent for any exam passed on previous versions.

  7. Do currently certified Specialists in Disaster Recovery, Virtualization or Storage have to re-certify to maintain Specialist status?

    There are several steps that must be taken to maintain a Specialist status:

    • Successfully pass the Simpana Core Fundamentals and Implementation and Maintenance exams to become a Commvault Certified Professional.
    • Disaster Recovery or Virtualization Specialists need to successfully pass the new certification exam.