Commvault Essentials


Discover the fundamental concepts of how to successfully manage Commvault® software. This 1-day course presents operational functions related to the Commvault Command Center™ and presents its integrated product solutions such as: Commvault Complete Backup and Recovery™, Commvault Activate™, and Commvault Orchestrate™. Designed for users who are new to Commvault software, this course presents how to:

  • Install Commvault software, set up the Commvault Command Center™, and configure its broad range of products and features.
  • Implement security for users, roles, and entities.
  • Understand common backup storage location concepts and configuration, monitor the CommCell® environment, and review data protection plan design.
  • Manage servers, server groups, and agents, and protect applications, databases, and instances running in the cloud.

Each lesson builds on previous topics so you gain a strong understanding of Commvault software. This course does not include hands-on labs or certification.


It is recommended that you watch the Welcome to Commvault® e-Learning course. This course is included at no additional cost, as a part of your class registration, and is recommended to be completed prior to attending this course.

Who should attend this course?

This course is intended for operations and administration personnel who are new to Commvault software and responsible for day-to-day administration and management operations.

Delivery Methods

  • Virtual Instructor-led

Course Modules And Self-Paced Training Courses

Commvault® Software Overview
  • Physical Architecture
  • Logical Architecturey
  • Protect, Activate, Orchestrate
Guided Setup
  • Software Installatio
  • Core Setup
  • Administrative Tasks
  • Security
  • Disk Targets
  • Cloud Targets
  • Tape Targets
  • Deduplications
  • Common Backup Location
Job, Reports, Monitoring
  • Jobs
  • Reports
  • Monitoring
  • Virtual Instances
  • Files and Network Storage
  • Applications
  • Databases
  • Cloud Instances


Commvault Essentials Exam

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