Virtualization Solution - Self-Paced Training

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Discover in-depth concepts, design considerations, and various strategies for configuring both VMware® and Microsoft® virtual environments. This self-paced course uses engaging multimedia tools that support diverse learning styles. With conceptual overviews, concise step-by-step procedures, and informative instructor-led demonstrations, you will learn how to:

  • Use Commvault's Virtual Server Agent (VSA) for both VMware and Hyper-V environments
  • Configure instances, backup sets, and subclients
  • Back up and recover entire virtual machines, volumes, and individual files and folders

To accommodate your learning experience, the Virtualization Solution course features advanced configuration using the CommCell® console and demonstrates daily operations with Commvault's simple-to-use Admin console.

Who should view this self-paced training?

This course is designed for personnel planning to work with the Commvault VSA.


The Commvault Essentials course is recommended prior to attending this course.


Completion of this course helps you prepare for the Commvault Certified Professional Certification.

Upon completion of this self-paced training you will be able to:
  • Describe how a storage policy works, where data is stored and for how long.
  • Comprehend the concepts of Storage Policy design for deduplication and non-deduplication enabled Storage Policies.
  • Configure Storage Policies using the Storage Policy Creation Wizard.
  • Configure Storage Policy primary and secondary copies.
  • Optimally configure Storage Policy stream resources.
  • Perform administrative tasks for data protection jobs managed by Storage Policies.

Single User - 90 Day Access
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